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1916 - 26 June 1997 Dodd, Harrel Clayton, - , son of Hillis C. Dodd, Infant, (no other date) Dodd, Berry Wess, - . Tidwell, Ellie Inthia, - , 2nd wife of Clyde Tidwell. It is thought that the graves of Angus Patterson (Veteran of the War of 1812) and his wife, Catherine Temple Patterson may also be buried in this cemetery, however there is no proof. They are buried on the west side of the cemetery with only black rocks for markers. Moore, Tagleonie F., - , daughter of Mat and Mandy A. Stockard, Clara Patterson, 1900 - 1931, wife of Frank Stockard. Johnson, Celina H., 3 April 1780 - "Mother" Johnson, Rev.

two unmarked graves - one of them is Hatley, Bob, who died about 1933. Cummins, Leona Scott, - , wife of Russell Cummins. Powell, Nola, no dates, daughter of John and Emmie Powell.

The following members of the Hinton family are supposed to be buried at Powell Cemetery.

This survey was completed on October 16, 2003 by David Leon Montgomery.

Tidwell, Wm., no dates, baby son of Clyde and Mollie Tidwell. Tidwell, Mollie, died , age 53 years, wife of Clyde Tidwell.

Records show one other buried in this cemetery, but unknown which grave it is - 1.

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