Juliet landau dating

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For Kevin Grevioux, the creator of UNDERWORLD, it was interracial dating.

He created two species [vampires and werewolves] who don’t get along.

There is truly an elusive and mystical aspect to dealing with this subject. LANDAU: Everyone has a unique perspective, but there is a real camaraderie amongst those who have a place among the undead.

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WEEKES: Juliet told me how many amazing conversations she’d had with people who played or worked with the idea of vampires.LANDAU: My background has given me many useful skills. I understand what needs to happen to make things run effectively.When working on the narrative sections [of UNDEAD], I love and understand the process that will make things truly sing.Through the years since then, whenever I have spent time with creators, writers, directors and actors who have explored the world of vampires, I have had the best conversations.I’ve always thought that fans would go nuts for the stuff they shared that has never been seen on film before.

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