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Fourth, some work has sought to compare LTK and data gathered by Western scientific methods. Lore: capturing traditional environmental knowledge. Dene Cultural Institute, International Development Research Centre, Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada. For example, Silvano and Valbo-Jorgensen (2008) compare Brazilian fishermen’s knowledge with published studies, finding cases of both agreement and disagreement, as do Batista and Lima (2010) in a similar examination of knowledge of jaraquis. Traditional environmental knowledge from the Marovo Area of the Solomon Islands.

Especially where there are gaps in the scientific literature, LTK can be a critical source of basic environmental data; this situation is particularly apparent in the case of marine ecosystems, about which comparatively less is known than terrestrial ones. Integrating local ecological knowledge and manipulative experiments to find the causes of environmental change.

Still, comparatively few studies are geared toward the practicalities of developing a truly collaborative, adaptive, and resilient management infrastructure that is embracive of modern science and LTK and practices in marine environments.

Based on the literature, we thus suggest how such an infrastructure might be advanced through collaborative projects and "bridging" institutions that highlight the importance of trust-building and the involvement of communities in all stages of research, and the importance of shared interest in project objectives, settings (seascapes), and outcomes.

2010) and seabird chick emergence and size (Moller at al. Aporta and Macdonald (2011) contrast scientific and Inuit approaches to sea ice, focusing on the difficulty of documenting the complex interplay of Inuit knowledge and practices outside the context of sea ice travel. (2011) discuss how a sea ice data management system could be structured so as to create a process that includes data based on indigenous knowledge systems linked to data collected in the Western scientific tradition.

In other cases, rather than comparing knowledge from both LTK and science, work on climate change in the Arctic in particular has sought to improve our understanding of climate change by examining both scientific and Inuit perspectives (for example, Laidler 2006). Dale and Armitage (2011) posit a set of five interrelated dimensions—knowledge gathering, sharing, integration, interpretation, and application—requisite for successful knowledge coproduction and adaptive capacity building in Arctic marine mammal comanagement (see also Armitage 2005, Armitage et al. This summary of work examining marine LTK as a knowledge system illustrates how the literature focuses not only on knowledge and on the practices themselves, but may also consider processes by which LTK is transmitted within a community or into broader society, and in light of changes, such as technological innovation, that communities face.

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