Kimberly mccullough dating jason thompson

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And, there are certainly quite a few General Hospital hunks wandering around Port Charles in need of a hot new love interest, most notably Drew!May Sweeps is right around the corner and that means that the drama will really be heating up in Port Charles.

However Alan's sister, Tracy knew and did her best to prove that the baby wasn't Alan's, mostly because she wanted her son Ned to be the sole Quartermaine heir. But Monica had no recollection later on of her confession since she had been delirious at the time and insisted to Rick, who had been filled in by Lesley, that the baby was Alan's. Alan decided to shoot Rick and Monica while they were making love and followed them to their cabin.

It will be a perfect time for Elizabeth Hendrickson to appear on the scene if TPTB can work that out – if not then GH fans can expect to see Hendrickson’s debut in early to mid June.

What do you think Elizabeth Hendrickson’s character will be doing on the ABC soap?

When Monica returned to Port Charles, she found out that Alan had been looking for Tracy's missing son Ned so that he could bring Ned to live with them at the mansion.

Monica was floored when Ned turned out to be her lover Ward. But Alan was suspicious that there was something more going on between them.

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