Leean tweeden dating josh beckett

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Even the most myopic Boston fans would agree: Beckett is the bigger pussy.

It’s a wonder that he fits through the Fenway clubhouse doors anymore.

After skipping a start last week due to a supposed lat muscle injury, Beckett was reportedly caught golfing with fellow pitcher Clay Buchholz.

”, Beckett opted to go with arrogance (instead of humility) to explain himself when questioned by the Boston media.

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In a postgame interview with Beckett, when asked if he was affected by Peck's presence, Beckett replied, "I don't get paid to make those decisions. After Beckett survives the surgery, Castle sees Josh and realizes the seriousness of Beckett's relationship with Josh and doesn't want to get in the way.

However, the breakup came almost immediately after Tweeden did a layout and interview for FHM magazine in which she talked about their sex life, including a tryst in an airplane bathroom, and whether pitchers made good lovers.

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There are 162 regular season games in a Major League Baseball Season. Gee, Flaming Bag of Poo wishes he could get a job where he was expected to perform only 18.52% of the time. Rich Beckett’s handicap is that his head is too fat to treat the game and his fans with any respect.

Heck, some of those days, Beckett even got to leave work early! Shame, shame on the owners of both Meow and Beckett for letting their pets get too soft.

And for all that, the Red Sox owners pay Beckett a salary of .75 million annually through 2014. Red Sox Nation, maybe it’s time to put Beckett to sleep. That’s nearly 5,000 hot dogs ago by Meow consumption standards.

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