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Buy now Verdict Goose Island and Sierra Nevada’s beers are superb examples of American craft ale at a very reasonable price.

But we’ve developed a taste for the creamy luxuries of the Expedition Stout: a decadent beer with Bells on...

När du till exempel söker efter en film använder vi din plats för att visa de mest relevanta biograferna nära dig.

Vi använder även den här informationen till att visa dig annonser för liknande filmer som du eventuellt kommer att gilla i framtiden. Detta betyder inte fler annonser, utan bara anpassade annonser.

When the effervescence subsides, candy malts and spicy bitterness take over.

Perfect for washing down a Thanksgiving turkey supper. Rogue Ales, Dead Guy Ale, 6.6%: £3.40 per 330ml, Beer Merchants Oregon, one of the US craft brewing hot-spots, is home to Rogue Ales, whose Dead Guy Ale is their take on a German Maibock (essentially a pilsner on overdrive).

Europe may lay claim to the greater beer heritage but for some time now America has been at the forefront of the craft beer scene.

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It has a mature pungency – like a well-kept cheese or posh sherry – and is slightly sour, lightly sweet, distinctively spicy and a little bit funky. Even though it’s now owned by AB In Bev, the mega brand responsible for Budweiser, the beer continues to ride near the head of the IPA pack. Brooklyn Insulated Dark Lager, 5.6%: £2.19 for 355ml, Beers of Europe This Brooklyn brewing ace has been delivering quality beer since 1988 and their excellent lager has become a UK supermarket staple for the craft connoisseur.

Full of fruity American hops, bitter from the outset with a crisp, dry finish. But we’ve drifted to the dark side with this choice: a dose of black barley adding some warming, roasty flavours to the lightly hopped, clean, dry liquid. Heretic, Evil Cousin, 8%: £3.49 for 355ml, Beers of Europe This double IPA has loads of trademark American citrus hop flavours and resinous bitterness, crammed into a beer with a soft malty body and toffee sweetness.

Sharp lemon sourness causes puckering in the mouth before a subtle, herby bitterness takes over.

For anyone keen to experience new beer flavours, this is a must. Firestone Walker, Easy Jack IPA, 4.5%: £2.50 for 355ml, Beer Merchants Here’s one that has all the flavour of an American IPA at a sessionable strength.

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