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Since the balance staff is irretrievably bent, AND there are no cases to fit it, this breaks my heart!The hands go on like all hands, with the following caveat - you need to determine where the minute hand is, relative to the corners of the key square on top of the cannon pinion. Unfortunately, I had set the hour hand off just a little. Silver dial withapplied gold markers and numeral 12. Case back engraved with a presentation “To BILL from your FRIENDS at C. A link to a copy of the patent is included on the detail page. Silver dial with applied gold numerals and markers. Silver dial with applied diamond markers and blue steel thin stick hands. 25 jewel grade 480SS movement adjusted to 5 positions with sweep second. Dial has nice patina and looks good on the wrist but can be refinished to look new if desired. 14 karat yellow gold one piece case with straight lugs and wide stepped bezel. Original silver dial with applied gold numerals and markers with yellow dauphine style hands. Louis because included with the watch is a patented perspiration protector in 14 karat gold that was patented and assigned to this company in 1934.If there's any actual power on the mainspring, of course, you hold onto the key!!I wound it up a few clicks, and sure enough, the pallet flicked to the opposite bank with a gentle nudge, in either direction.

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I became interested in these after acquiring a handful of the 18s keywinders.The Leader's balance staff is broken, so I took the Avery apart for cleaning and hoping to get it running. If I were a better watchmaker, and had a lathe, I might cut a new staff. On these cheapies, Elgin went with a pressed-in stud (red arrow), requiring you to unpin and re-pin the hairspring to the stud each time it was serviced.To ensure you repinned the hairspring at the same point, there's a 'witness mark', by the green arrow.Four local businessmen purchased the land and donated the 35 acres. (Laflin and Ryerson both sat on the Elgin's board of directors and Laflin's family did so for more than 70 years.)On May 20, 1869 the first "Lady Elgin" made its appearance and was the first of a series of 10 size movements and it was also key wind.The company was re-organized on April 25, 1865 with a capitol of 0,000. This was followed on August 24, 1870 by the Francis Rubie, which was adjusted to temperature, on September 8, 1871 by the Gail Borden (of Elsie fame) and on December 20, 1871 by the Dexter Street.

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