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The value in dropping knowledge in a funny way that makes you stop and think, “Hey, maybe this is true about me”—saying hard things to people or whole chunks of society or different societies, and letting people laugh bitterly over it and then recognizing that stuff in themselves, is just a massive gift. Oh, definitely, in terms of our backgrounds and the stuff that we think is funny and, just, the devil being in the dirty details. Now 10 years later we’re both divorced and we both walked through the fire of that and are on the other side of it.

My outlook is sometimes a little different than his because he keeps his eyes down and to the right and I just look at the little hairs on everything—if that makes any sense. That definitely colors a lot of the way that we take in information and form relationships in our life now. There have been some controversial scenes over the seasons that seem to center on gender dynamics.

When they laughed it off, Goodman told the paper, “He really did it. masturbating during a phone conversation with her in 2003, while he was describing his sexual fantasies to her.

“I think the big piece of why I said yes was because of the culture,” she continued.

It’s based loosely on Adlon’s life as a working actress and single mother to three girls. What is it about your dynamic that brings you back together?

We have a lot of commonality when it comes to the way we see things in the world and the things that we get off on culturally and socially.

I just feel like it’s a non-issue, and that if we can get to the place where nobody’s saying, “He’s gay, she’s trans, that person’s not gender-identifying, there’s no dads in this family, these kids are whatever”—you’re just telling stories now and it’s about the makeup of American families and the makeup of families in the world.

They’re proud of me—being a single mom and raising them by myself for as long as I have been. They understand that and they have each other and they have me. I would say it’s the scene in Bobby’s house; I really loved that. I loved the stuff we did in “À la carte” that we worked on together, and the stuff at the movie theatre—all that was really fun. The relationship between Louie and Pamela has been up and down over the seasons. I have to write the episodes and I have a whole bunch of stories that are locked and loaded.

There’s a lot of stories that I can tell and I think hopefully they’re going to look back on it and be glad that I did it. Is there anything you’d like to see happen with the characters in future episodes? I’d like to see them always come back together and be happy and in love somehow at different times of their lives. I’m excited about the girls who are cast as my daughters and I have to cast somebody to play my mom, which is going to be hilarious.

I’m very proud of it, and I’m very proud of the writing and the acting.

In terms of my new show, of my daughters, and it’s dedicated to my daughters. I’d never seen anything like that, so I was really happy and proud to be part of it.

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