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He explained, "I would sit with Pete [Docter] and David Silverman and we would talk about a scene and they would tell me what they were looking for.I would make some suggestions and then go off and write the sequence.Throughout development Pixar worried that having a main character whose main goal was to scare children would alienate audiences and make them not empathize with him.Docter would later describe that the team "bent over backwards trying to create a story that still had monsters " while still solving the problem, A key moment came when the team decided "Okay, he's the BEST scarer there.We'd get together again and review it and then hand it off to a story artist.

Through various drafts, Johnson's occupation went back-and-forth from being a scarer and from working in another area of the company such as a janitor or a refinery worker, until his final incarnation as the best scarer at Monsters, 1996 while others focused on A Bug's Life (1998) and Toy Story 2 (1999).Its code name was Hidden City, named for Docter's favorite restaurant in Point Richmond.The idea of a monster buddy for the lead monster emerged at an April 6, 1998 "story summit" in Burbank with employees from Disney and Pixar.A term coined by Lasseter, a "story summit" was a crash exercise that would yield a finished story in only two days.

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