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The creators are ambivalent about which incarnation of Robin he's supposed to be, with Word of God stating that he represents "Robin in general" rather than a specific member of the Batclan.

However, a number of Mythology Gags and several other hints point to him being Dick Grayson, the first Robin; this is explicitly revealed in the Technically the reason the Teen Titans exist in this show, Starfire is the second of the three children of the Royal Family of Tamaran.

Trained by Batman, he manages to keep on an even keel with a team of metahumans through his intelligence, tactical skills, martial arts prowess and, when it all boils down to basics, enough pure crazy to the four of them if he really cuts loose.

Robin left his position as Batman's sidekick and moved all the way to Jump City to start working solo, only to end up taking charge of the Teen Titans on his first night there and deciding, afterwards, that heading a team might not be so bad after all.

I buy hundreds of instruction books every month; you can pretty much safely assume I have all these in stock.

Never mind places like the beautiful southern Spanish city of Granada, and even sometimes in the Moroccan city of Tangier - where the food comes free with every drink, in the form of tapas.Robin is, at heart, a fairly normal teenager, enjoying hanging out and chilling as much as his comrades do.However, he's Batman's ex-sidekick, and this means he shares his mentor's fixation on discipline and hard work, which can put him at odds with his more relaxed teammates.So that you actually don’t even ever need to buy a meal there.Indeed, the further south you go, the more you realise that people here view eating, drinking and living well to be basic human rights, not luxuries. That, in a nutshell, is the real joy of Mediterranean life.

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