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In this episode Brown tricks two advertising designers into creating an advertising poster through unconscious priming that is eerily similar to one Brown created ahead of time.

Creating a good feeling - Remember way back in 1985 when Ford Aerostar tried to generate good feelings and an aura of technologically-advanced aerodynamics about its minivan by comparing it to the Space Shuttle?

He based this deception on one Scientific American article and one day of preparation." Cialdini's principles - [] I am very happy to see this new video from Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin.

I usually would take a little class time to review the principles and then give students some time to apply them.

" The fear was heavily instilled in everyone at that point.Election persuasion paper - Jennifer Harman has created a very timely persuasion assignment in which students analyze U. presidential candidates' speechesor debates to look for persuasive techniques.Cialdini's cues - Like it has been mentioned quite a few times, I am a Resident Assistant on a first-year all female floor.Well, unfortunately, shortly after that a Space Shuttle exploded and the campaign was pulled. First link is to a print ad for that campaign; here is a link is to an article mentioning the campaign was pulled; here is a tv commercial for that campaign. The Persuaders - Did you get a chance to see this excellent PBS show on how marketers and politicians figure out how to persuade us? The entire episode is available for viewing online at the above link. As with many PBS shows now, the streaming video is broken up into segments for easy display in the classroom.A funny bit from Penn and Teller in which they send a woman to collect signatures at an environmental rally to ban dihydrogen monoxide (H2O). Using Principles of Social Influence to Create Prosocial Change - This project also won honorable mention for the 2013 Social Psychology Network Action Teaching Award.

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