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If you mandate renters insurance in the lease, failure to obtain a policy can be considered a lease violation, and therefore grounds for termination.Whether or not you require your tenants to have renters insurance, you certainly want to let your tenants know that your landlord’s insurance policy won’t cover their belongings (unless they were damaged or stolen as a result of your negligence).Tenant(s) is required to obtain rental insurance in the amount of 0,000 public liability and ,000 property damage from whatever cause to his person or property and to the person or property of those on the premises with his consent, and Tenant(s) shall indemnify and hold all other parties harmless from all claims arising from any such injury or damage throughout the term of the tenancy.Tenant(s) is responsible to obtain insurance within seven (7) days of residing on the Premises.Many tenants don’t know that renters insurance even exists, nor where to buy it.

If you require your tenants to have renters insurance, you help ensure that your tenant will be able to pay the rent and replace their belongings.If a tenant accidentally damages another property or dwelling, the other owners might come after you (or your home insurance) if your tenant does not have a renters policy.Damages to neighboring properties are more common than you would think.Requiring tenants to obtain and carry renters insurance is an industry standard and best practice.“When you require renters insurance, you are really requiring liability insurance,” says Eric Narcisco, CEO of Effective Coverage.

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