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There is one exception, of course: a small tattoo on her right foot.The tattoo depicts the eye of the Egyptian god Ra, which represents good luck and abundance.The guys [Michael and Ivan] wrote this, and they had an idea of what they wanted to see me do based both on what I've done in the past and in contrast to how they know me. Speaking of being Italian, Gigi is cooking sauce in one memorable scene--you seemed like a natural. What I like about Gigi is that you are very physical here—acting drunk, wrestling with Dominic, doing handstands, dancing, etc. I gathered you had some experience after “The Wrestler.” [Laughs] I love doing physical comedy! The guys know I love to dance and I probably told them stories about wrestling with my brother, so they mined that. On the subject of goofing around, I love that the characters play the card game Spoons at one point. I’d be a little intimidated to play cards with you! When we started making it, my hand was in so many aspects, they asked me to be a producer. I was invited into it by Ivan and Michael, I just had a ball doing it.They used elements of what they see in me and what they wanted to play with, and bring out of us as actors. That scene was originally longer, and I was cooking all of this food—what did I have in the oven?! I have a good recipe for sauce but I won’t let you publish it. There was an alchemy, and there is a safety in knowing your friends so well, you can take more risks.In “Loitering,” Tomei plays Gigi, the romantically troubled sister of Dominic (Michael Godere), who is on deadline to pen a screenplay with his friend Raphael (Ivan Martin). I always splayed Spit—which you also had to be really fast at—with my grandmother for a quarter. But the secret is out that Brookyln has big open skies and trees… Many trees grow in Broolyn—except maybe in Bushwick.When Gigi arrives drunk at her country home where Dominic and Raphael are holed up working, she exposes them to her messy situation and her unhinged boyfriend Wayne (Sam Rockwell). It’s taking me a long time to get back to doing movies with my friends. But as I get older, I appreciate the country more than nightlife in the city.She never stopped acting, however, but she did a number of supporting roles and appeared in independent films, as well. Her performance was well-received, but there was one tiny snag that occurred backstage during the lead up to the show.

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She instead decided that it would be best to put all of her efforts into developing a career in acting. Marisa was considered for the role, although it ultimately went to Renee Zellweger, who used her performance to become a star.

Her comedic talents worked very well on the sitcom, as well.

Marisa Tomei has always been a versatile actress, having performed in big-budget films, small films, theater productions, and anything else that she thought had potential.

Her grandparents also played a huge part in her childhood.

Like many future Hollywood actors and actresses, Marisa Tomei gave the college life a brief try.

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