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Second, Christians should practice social tolerance in community: "Jesus tells us to love our neighbor," Driscoll explains. As such, we should love, serve, be good friends with, and be good neighbors to people of other beliefs, ideologies, religions, and perspectives." Finally, Christians should practice theologian tolerance within the church - that is, "within the bookends of orthodoxy." "There are all kinds of secondary issues that we tolerate one another on to live together as Christians," he writes."Even husbands and wives have some secondary issues they disagree on but find a way to tolerate one another for the sake of the relationship.Who made you the judge on whether or not he's ready?"Noble prefaces his comments with a biblical analogy that, ironically, uses Apostle Mark from the Bible.Noble explains how in Acts , Mark quits a missionary journey with Apostles Paul and Bartimaeus.Later, against Paul's wishes, Bartimaeus helps to get Mark back into the ministry."Thank God for Bartimaeus," says Noble, "because he didn't say [to Mark], 'You had your shot, and you blew it.'"Noble goes on to say, " … I'm going to choose to believe in Pastor Mark and Grace [Driscoll's wife] as they set out on this endeavor to plant a church. He may have hurt people, but he's learned from it …South Carolina-based New Spring Church pastor Perry Noble expressed his support recently for disgraced pastor Mark Driscoll's return to church ministry, slamming critics of his fellow clergyman and praising Driscoll's efforts to plant a new church in Phoenix, Arizona.In a Facebook video titled: "How I Personally Feel About Mark Driscoll Starting a New Church," which garnered nearly 120,000 views and was shared more than 500 times (as of the publication of this article), Noble takes on critics of the ex-pastor of the now-defunct Mars Hill Church who feel that Driscoll isn't ready to lead another congregation."Here's a man [Driscoll] who messed up, made some mistakes, admitted it, apologized, said he was sorry — he's starting over …

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"We should get along across the state borders, but we must protect national borders," he says.Noble's Twitter post sparked online debate about whether pastors should get involved in politics from the pulpit, and at the time garnered 397 likes and 125 retweets, setting off a daisy chain of responses — both for and against his comments.Mark Driscoll's new assembly is called The Trinity Church."So, if somebody teaches heresy, crosses a national border, while claiming to be a Christian, we say, 'No, we don't tolerate that.'" The Church should also not tolerance immorality from professing Christians, Driscoll says.He clarifies that this does not apply to non-Christians, as the "problems and divisions in the church are not because of the non-Christians but rather because of those who say they're Christians but live like unbelievers." "Christianity begins with tolerance and moves to repentance," he said.

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