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And you are wondering why you are still single at 35, with no man hovering around?She sees a man and immediately she wants nothing but money.It is not clear whether the two groups were the same or not.Also on Sunday the FLPD posted up mugshots of two men it claimed had been breaking and entering overnight.The shot teenager was rushed to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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On Monday, the FLPD tweeted: 'We've arrested 19 people for burglarizing businesses & residences in #Fort Lauderdale throughout #Hurricane Irma.'On Saturday a sheriff's deputy shot a teenager and arrested another in the affluent Fort Lauderdale suburb of Weston after they allegedly broke into a home.SWAT team officers were sent for when witnesses claimed that the burglars were trying to steal guns.At least one person surrendered while another barricaded himself in the store and refused to leave, according to WFTV.In midtown Miami, a local television reporter watched as at least a dozen looters undertook what appeared to be a well-coordinated theft of sporting goods at a shop on Sunday.The suspects were seen walking out of the store with boxes of shoes and other supplies taken from the shop.

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