Maya updating frame at time

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The animation start and end times specify the Range Slider range. Click 1x (normal height), 2x (double height), or 4x (quadruple height). Specifies the scene plays forward to the playback end time (or plays backward to the playback start time) and then begins again at the playback start time (or playback end time) until you stop playback.The playback range always stays within the animation range, so changing the animation start and end times can also change the playback start and end times. When selected, all the frames in your scene play, updating each before displaying the next.For example, a Playback value of 2.0 will cause only every other frame to play.When selected, your scene plays in real-time or 24 frames per second (fps).In the north, however, cities like Uxmal and Chichen Itza prospered and developed.War was still a persistent problem: many of the Maya cities from this time were fortified.current Time is NOT undoable, queryable, and editable.When given a time argument (with or without the -edit flag) this command sets the current global time.

The Spanish essentially enslaved the Maya, dividing their lands up among the conquistadors and bureaucrats who came to rule in the Americas.

By the time the Aztec Empire rose in Central Mexico, the Maya were rebuilding their civilization.

The city of Mayapan in Yucatán became an important city, and cities and settlements on the eastern coast of the Yucatán prospered.

For example, if you specify an Other Speed value of 72, then your scene’s animation will play back at 72 fps.

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