Meet house wife for sex introduction tips for dating

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One day my friend Alexander and I were talking about how hot my wife Estella is.I told my friend that we take pictures of each other for our pleasure.She always attracted men’s eyes when walking down the streets.We’d been married for 7 years and she was 32 at the time, we had sex every day, usually twice, in the night and in the morning. So you can see that we enjoyed sex a lot, by no means, I was the first man she fell in love with, so she had lost her virginity when she was 19 to some guy.Nevertheless, Valentina was somewhat conservative about sex, so I figured that I must be dreaming.

Recently, when I would slide a couple fingers into her, she would ask me if she could suck my cock at the same time.This guy fucked her so much that she had a huge sex drive and she had never been without sex since.She always told me that I was the best lover she’d ever had, and this obviously pleased me.Things are gonna get real wild in the heat of the night…One night my wife was out with her friends from work and came home with her boss who was too drunk to drive!

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