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There’s a vivid gallery of characters, too, on both sides of the ethnic divide.

And the young cast is tempered by the addition of several veteran talents including Julie Walters as the manipulative widow Cynthia – doyenne of the Royal Club and meddler extraordinaire.‘Working with her was a masterclass,’ says Olivia Grant, one of our five actresses.

There are two worlds: one of wealth and privilege – all champagne and fabulous clothes – and the other centred on the colourful bazaar and the houses where the locals live.

That’s a whole part of the story I haven’t seen yet. Amber, 28, gets her stunning looks from a mixture of Polish and Kenyan-Asian genes, whereas her character Leena is Anglo-Indian: ‘I was sure that, being mixed race, I would really understand where Leena was coming from.’Set against the social climate of 1930s India – in which those of mixed race were ostracised – Leena struggles for acceptance on both sides. It’s wonderful to be with someone who supports and understands your career, but when you’re both busy the separation can be hard.

They embark on a steamy but rather loveless – on his part – affair.

Don’t be fooled, however, by Madeleine’s liberated sexuality and self-assurance.

I had the addition of matching nipple-stickers too, which is the opposite of sexy, isn’t it? A coach trained us to do swing, the waltz and, in my case, a wild and abandoned Grizzly Bear routine that Madeleine does to sort of seduce Ralph in the second episode. If you’re in Skins, I imagine you’re probably out partying till 7am.

But she’s also a strong, independent and quietly passionate woman who is committed to her work at the local mission school and is falling in love with her boss, the married Douglas (Craig Parkinson.)Strong females struggling with adversity are my stock in trade. My parents are not together and my mum raised five of us on her own. We’ve seen each other for just six days in the past six months! I won’t take the credit for all of us working out in Penang, but it was certainly fun to go to the gym together.

I also bought a fold-up bike and would cycle around the place every morning.

At 24, Aysha is the youngest of our five actresses and used memories of ‘teenage angst’ to play a character who is impetuous and naive enough to risk all protesting against British rule.

‘Her journey’s all about learning to contain the political fire within and using it productively,’ she says.

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