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De Bolle (2015) found sex differences in neuroticism among adolescents universally emerge across all cultures at about the same age (around 14, implicating pubertal hormones as a proximate cause; see also Hyde et al., 2008, on other biological/hormonal origins of sex differences in negative emotionality; as well as, Kring & Gordon, 1998; Victor et al. In large cross-cultural samples of adults, women have been found to score higher in overall neuroticism in studies of 26 nations ( in cultures with more sociopolitical gender equity.

That's right, in more gender egalitarian nations sex differences in neuroticism are larger, not smaller as would be expected if sex differences come only from gender roles, gendered socialization, and patriarchy (see chart below contrasting neuroticism scores of men and women from Northern Europe and Africa; Schmitt, 2015). Men and women tend to differ in average levels of depression (Hyde et al., 2008), a sex difference that is apparent in most cultures (Hopcroft & Mc Laughlin, 2012; Van de Velde, Bracke, & Levecque, 2010). The emergence of sex differences in personality traits in early adolescence: A cross-sectional, cross-cultural study. Domes, G., Schulze, L., Böttger, M., Grossmann, A., Hauenstein, K., Wirtz, P.

From an evolutionary perspective, it is likely there are some sex differences in emotion.

Indeed, the odds of men and women having evolved the same emotional psychology are basically zero.

For one to expect absolutely no sex differences in human emotion, one would have to believe in a god/godess-like creature, Androgyna, having actively intervened throughout all of human history to make sure men and women reproduce in ways that maintain precisely the same emotional psychology (and all the while mysteriously maintaining sex differences in physical traits such as strength and size, persistent patterns of hunting versus gathering and childrearing, pubertal timing and menopause, as well as, sex differences in reproductive variances and young male syndrome).

As Vandermassen (2011) has noted, “that human males and females should have evolved to be psychologically identical, for example, is a theoretical impossibility, and, indeed, turns out to be untrue” (p. Still, any particular scientific claim about men and women being emotionally different needs to be evaluated empirically.

Women report more negative emotionality when their partners reject them, men tend to report more negative emotions when their partners demand more intimacy (Brody et al., 2002). The evolution of culturally-variable sex differences: Men and women are not always different, but when they are…it appears not to result from patriarchy or sex role socialization. Women who fight more to fit into the image of equality are more prone to anxiety/stress than those who continue to do what women had done for the past hundreds of years.

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It’s important to note which situations tend to elicit negative emotionality in relationships, however. More is expected of them outside of the house, yet their roles in the house haven't changed much.

It would be nothing short of a Darwinian miracle for men and women to have evolved precisely identical emotional designs.

The forces of selection acting on humans would have had to eliminate androgynous psychology of emotion in men and women post-Pleistocene epoch (Buss & Schmitt, 2011).

In a cross-cultural study of 37 nations, women tended to report more negative emotionality (Fischer et al., 2004). Sex differences in neural responses to subliminal sad and happy faces in healthy individuals: Implications for depression.

Among those nations with relatively higher sociopolitical gender equity, sex differences were found in the intensity of felt sadness (among high school students (12 nations; Bodas & Ollendick, 2005). I'm not very surprised by the idea that there is more anxiety in women in more egalitarian areas.

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