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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a Strategic Partner. When it comes to mental health, it seems the answer is yes.A study published in JAMA Psychiatry this week sheds light on the influence of psychiatric disorders on relationships and mating.Most are introduced through friends or shared experiences.Work, school or university are the commonest places people meet their spouses. We also have a strong tendency to marry people who are similar to us – marital resemblance holds to some degree for religious beliefs, politics and other characteristics.

In terms of influencing relationship choices, as the saying goes , but it’s also a bit like the market economy.

People with these disorders showed little or no increase in the chances of being married to someone else with a medical disorder of the same, or any sort.

As with most good science, the study raises more questions than it answers. Evolutionary theory says we mate with those who give us the highest chances of surviving and reproducing.

The study from the famous Karolinska Insitute in Sweden examined over 700,000 men and women with psychiatric diagnoses and compared them to over three million people without psychiatric diagnoses.

They measured marital resemblance for psychiatric disorders.

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