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THR: Can Dexter really protect both women in his life considering Deb is hell-bent on putting Hannah behind bars?

They are apparently no longer together, but what matters is that THEY ONCE WERE.

THR: La Guerta is still looking into the Bay Harbor Butcher case -- how might Dexter navigate her this time considering she has Matthews working alongside her?

Hall: We'll see him deal with Matthews face-to-face and start to try and get him off the scent but it's a tough proposition.

Part of the fun of watching it is to see him fight his way out, whether physically or with his wits. Hall: He's being forced to make decisions so quickly and instinctively that it would probably only be after the fact that he could assess the nuance of her motivation in terms of those feelings for him.

THR: The timing of Hector Estrada's release -- he's the last surviving man connected to Dexter's mother's death -- is very suspect considering La Guerta's investigation into Dexter. While Dexter doesn't necessarily reciprocate in the same way Deb's romantic feelings that ).

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