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Her interactive exhibition invites viewers to write down their dreams and pin them near her work. “A self-portrait, ‘Handwritten Dreams’ celebrates the hopes and aspirations that we, as children and adults, universally share.

A reception will follow the lecture from 6 to 8 p.m. “Drawing is my first love, but I’m infatuated with cursive — with signatures, poetry and long letters from friends — anything written in one’s own hand,” Adams said. It is a drawing, installation and interactive work that provides the space and time where viewers can pause, reflect and write their own dreams on paper.

In April, a portion of the project was presented at the Portrait Society of America’s International Art of the Portrait Conference and more dreams were collected.

–For a more accurate whole-brained evaluation of student learning, educators must develop new forms of assessment that honor right-brained talents and skills.

We also offer teaching techniques for right brain and left brain students and information about right brain vs.

Left-brain scholastic subjects focus on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy.

Right-brained subjects, on the other hand, focus on aesthetics, feeling, and creativity.

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