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I have to replace a users' hardware but after setting up Outlook to connect to Exchange, updating just never starts.Our Exchange box is at HO and we connecting with 1,5 Mb lease line MPLS. What is the prefered method to download email from large mailbox if Exchange is not LAN.

I figure I am doing something wrong, because then I get messages that the OST needs to be created and another that says it already exists in some kind of circular loop.

If they have shared mailboxes they may have hit their connection limit. If they see their mail in OWA, then have you tried to delete their OST file in their local computer profile? ok , then reinstalling Office and recreat the account.

If you delete an email from Outlook, does it also delete it in OWA?

To be exact, I have created a new profile and kept it to download but still the problem persists. I can assure there's no issue as other users are able to communicate without any issues. If you feel the issue is not resolving itself I would recommend checking out the Outlook Support and Recovery Assistant Here: Consider changing how much email you are downloading as well to keep offline.

Start low - and you can increase it as you validate it if you need too.

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