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Eventually, Soylent Green–who thinks he’s better than me because he isn’t obsessed with fucking a midget–had to take over.I think the midgets took a liking to Soylent because he is barely taller than they are and he looks exactly like Gimli the Dwarf from the movies.Walk out into the hallway, and do a double take at the FLEET of Rascal scooters in the ballroom lobby (Rascals are those red motorized scooters that you always see old people on in the grocery store). Reeling from this discovery, you head into the ballroom and see approximately FOUR HUNDRED MIDGETS!!! I am honestly not sure how the next part unfolded, but I do know for damn sure I had nothing to do with it.You might first think you stumbled into a geriatric convention, but you study the people on the Rascals, and realize something: None of their feet are touching the base. One moment I was sitting at a table in the ballroom, staring in utter disbelief at the midget dance party in front of me, the next moment, I was part of a group walking toward the elevator.The TV and lights were still on in my apartment, I’d left the steak I was going to eat for dinner thawing in the sink, and I was still covered in gym sweat.

I was in a cab to La Guardia within two minutes of getting the call.Within minutes we were sitting with the little people.My Midget Princess was at the table, and even though I’d only had like five beers, the room was spinning around her.The call to Junior (from “The Vegas Story,” which is only published in ) was the best: Junior “What is wrong with you?Why not just get a midget hooker and be done with it? Just because you buy Dwight Gooden’s World Series ring off Ebay doesn’t mean that you were on the ’86 Mets. My buddy Soylent Green picked me up, and we were at the Hilton hotel bar by 11pm.

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