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There are many free sites so the only cost is your time.

You can do it from the comfort of your own home, chat with people at your own comfort level and you have complete control over the process.

Most of the people on the paid sites are also on the free sites so there is really not a lot of reason to join the paid sites, and I personally have not found them to be any better.

It is an easy way to meet people that you otherwise would not have the opportunity to meet.

You don’t have to respond to messages if you don’t want to and it is easy to block someone if they are bothering you.

I have met many nice people from all walks of life, education levels and various incomes.

I should add that this summary is based purely on my own experience and someone else may have a very different experience.

Online Dating: It is cheap, easily accessible and almost everyone is doing it.

People do differentiate between dating and a partner. 9% of seniors say they wouldnt date anyone, any time, under any circumstance. Only when youve gotten over the past and love yourself, are you ready to date and love again. In my youth I was always in long-term serious relationships, but at midlife, I found myself divorced, out in the dating world again, and can safely say I have become somewhat of a reluctant expert.There’s no point in developing any expertise, if you don’t share it, so that is what I am setting out to do here. People also do not always know how they feel nor are they able to express it accurately. It can take a man hours to figure out what he was feeling at the time. It takes time to get to know someone and trust them. The rules that are spoken or written are not always the rules that matter. However, only 8% of women polled by the AARP wanted a spouse, so the odds are better than they appear.

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