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Twinbrook is situated on a bayou (swamp), with many bridges and may be in the state of Simisouri (according to De Andre Wolf's bio).

Much of the town is designed in a French style like many bayou towns.

He proposed on the 3rd date and the rest is history.

But can they keep the secret to a "perfect marriage" private now that naughty little Jeffrey has begun tinkering with computers? After a rough upbringing with parents who were rarely there for him, Harwood poured his troubles into art.

but we'll see just how long Marc's creative side can handle the rigidity of the corps.

Maybe a profession with a little more artistic appeal would be better for Marc?

Interestingly, all the pre-made deceased Sims in Twinbrook are pale green if resurrected.

They also have gray hair, are all barefoot, and most (if not all) like the color grey.

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You will clearly see how our world-designing team has improved when you discover Twinbrook." Twinbrook stresses the new professions and skills introduced in Ambitions, such as the Stylist profession or Inventing skill.So much so that she has made a nice little life for herself and her two sons.Just don't cross her, unless you want to feel a mother's wrath!For example, the town library is a classic French design with two porticos, one at both entrances.According to a Game Spot hands-on, Twinbrook 'is a fictitious bayou town not unlike a backwoods suburb of Louisiana.' Players who attended the UK hands on event reported that Twinbrook is 'a huge new town, which had been flooded, and is now half-swamp half-town. The other side of Twinbrook has brand new shops such as the laundromat, the tattoo parlor and stylist shop and much more.

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