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Note that our colored monofilms are actually bi-plys with colorants in the glue- their UV resistance very similar to X-ply's.It is more the main window panel where the HD version stands out- the HD xply window is substantially better regarding UV degredation compared to one-layer monofilm.During production there is a large temperature difference between the two films at the lamination point.

Take your board to its limits - easy, light, powerful, proven performance. For 2018 Loftsails introduces two Oxygens: OXYGEN HD: ultimate longevity and reduced weight- full xply: 5-mil biaxial luff and foot panels, 4-mil biax window panels, and 3.5-mil biax body panels.

Loftsails using high quality Dimension Polyant films considered as a leading film manufacturer.

The BI-PLY colored monofilm are two films laminated together.

OXYGEN: 5-mil biaxial luff and foot panels, 5-mil mono window and 4- mil bi-ply body panels.

When Pascal Tosselli and I tried the Oxygen in Tarifa, I could not recall a moment before where I had that much fun freeriding, ever!

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