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As a wary Facebook user, I’m fussy about sharing my details with the electronic world. So instead of leaving my age blank, the elves in Silicon Valley have given me a default birthday: August 1 1989.I fire off an email to “Margot” at happn asking her to correct it.There’s Kyle, 26, a computer expert, Kenneth, 37, a chauffeur, and Spiros, 41, a bar manager surely born to mix me margaritas.

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If the feeling’s mutual the app announces “It’s a crush” and you can start messaging each other.It has come not out of Silicon Valley, or London’s fast-growing equivalent (the so-called “Silicon Roundabout” on Old Street) but out of Paris.Since its launch in France five months ago, happn claims to have garnered 150,000 users.In a last-ditch attempt to find a meaningful connection I begin “charming” what seems like the entire female population of happn. ” I turn to find an attractive German girl in her mid 30s sitting next to me. “It’s all about linking up with all those lovely people you pass in the street and never have the courage to speak to.” “Not working out? In no time at all we’re chatting about everything from why the peacocks of Holland Park are more impressive than the peahens to whether true romance is possible after 35.Helga is spectacularly nice so I ask her to meet me for dinner the following day.

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