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What concerns us here is that no one seems to have thought through the economic implications of what these fatuous shows represent, specifically the inexorable march toward television that is all nude, all the time.“Dating Naked” won’t seem all that scandalous to inhabitants of the texting generation, for whom sharing photos of their naughty bits is now routine.

The series is just a continuation of a tawdry show-it-all TV trend that began a year or so ago when reality series involving nude castaways (“Naked and Afraid”), nude real estate transactions (“Buying Naked”) and nude body painting (“Naked Vegas”) began turning up.

Even when it comes to stripping down to their birthday suit.

The ultimate didn’t-think-this-through, though, is envisioning how these shows match up with another booming genre, the wedding-dress series, represented most prominently by the “Say Yes to the Dress” franchise.

Indeed - the more who see, the more likely that someone will have a problem. "You don't have to wait until it's time for bed.

A 30-year-old man in western Sweden was seen several times playing around naked in his shower through an open window - but courts let it slide when he explained that the window was just for air.

All-bare TV, while certainly clickbait for 14-year-old viewers and those who wish they still were, will be a net loss for at least some series.

I, for one, am not watching “Naked Downton Abbey.” Without those costumes, it just won’t be the same.

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