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“Love comes when you least expect it”: This is just a sappy rom-com one-liner you should ignore.Relationship expert Adam La Dolce wrote an article for Cheat in which he argues that this is bad advice because “it takes the ownership off of you to go out there and find it.” He adds, “A lot of relationship advice I give is all about being proactive and pushing yourself to get out there, meet new people, and make it happen for yourself.” 18.Michelle Crosby says in her book, “Don’t merely follow the script of life and marriage and what seems like the logical next step […] Forget the ‘happily ever after’ script and write your own to suit your needs and goals in life.” 13.“Relationships should be easy”: This is one of the biggest lies you’ll ever be told and it’s a pretty bad one, too.Turning up the heat in a relationship is never a bad idea, but trying to become someone you’re not will almost always fail.Ken Page, relationship psychotherapist and author of “Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy”, says that irresistibility is a terrible goal to strive for because it’s impossible to attain and you won’t have fun trying. “Be strong but not too strong”: This next point is also typically directed at women.You’ve got the post-grad wave, the late 20s wave, the mid-thirties wave, but none of that means that you should rush to marry if you’re not ready.

Relationship expert Michelle Crosby says in her book, , “Think about it: Prisons use solitary confinement as punishment […] Is that really how you want to treat anyone, let alone your S. ” If you need to cool off before you feel ready to have a calm and respectful conversation, then you certainly should.It doesn’t mean one way is better than the other, but don’t waste your time on someone you have nothing in common with. “Arguing is unhealthy”: Arguing is actually good for your relationship if the two of you are doing it right.Clinical psychologist Rachel Needle says in her website that arguing is normal, and disagreements should encourage conversation where both partners feel safe. “Give him/her the silent treatment”: Whether you are purposely leaving the person hanging through text or you’re upset and not talking to your partner, the silent treatment is never a good idea.Instead, “it just may mean that there’s a pretty big self-esteem issue going on or whatever triggers their jealous behavior.” They also deliver this warning: “A seductive possessiveness that you interpret to be proof that he or she cares at the beginning of a relationship can quickly turn into an abusive situation if both of you don’t get some help.” 15.“No one will love you like they do”: This is absolutely not true!

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