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All I have to do is leave it out for 15 min and it gets soft, not rocket science. Everyone said they’d never had quested that was grain free or vegan. Leave it out on the counter until it can be sliced easily with a knife. Our theme food theme was Southern Florida so coconut fit right in.Or you can simply skip the freezer and let it set in the fridge…might be easier that way. You directions were perfect and it came out easily. My coconut whipped cream wasn’t very successful but I still had pretty swirls just not much to dollop. Reply I made this for a potluck last night and it was a huge hit. I’m not strictly vegan or vegetarian or anything like that but I’m always moving in a healthier direction, always trying to eat better so I feel better. Thanks for the great tip for the crust-I’ll most certainly try it, as I have had some bad “flops” with similar date-based crusts sticking to pie plates! I think making it only for myself would be dangerous haha : P – and I should also share the deliciousness with someone ;) Reply Hi – I’ve made it with a crust from a different recipe and turns out great! I LOVE the carrot costume idea (she will match your cookbook cover haha). But fine Belgian dark chocolate should be a magnificent stand-in. I’ve succeeded and loved your double chocolate torte non bake version so I’m so excited to try but one question, if I don’t want to use chocolate bar, do you have any suggestion for substitution? Reply This is making me cry…looks so killer, yet I hate/can’t even eat coconut! Oh well, I’ll just pretend it tastes like chocolate mousse and forget that I ever saw this beauty….sniff…. Reply I made this tart on the weekend and it’s amazing! I can’t believe this pie/tart is really grain-free, gluten-free and vegan. For me, this is the ultimate women’s dessert (men don’t seem to like coconut much, at least in all the polls I took). I bought my daughter a Shrimp bunting costume last year and she was the talk of the town!! I am adding it to my list of things to make for the holidays! As soon as I have someone coming over for dinner I’ll definitely make it… ;) We always love seeing pictures of your sweet little girl, and I’m sure she’s just going to extra cute as a carrot, lol! Thanks for the solution for the pie crust…have definitley found myself chiseling away when I’ve made similar recipes. I’ve just moved into a house without an oven for the next six months (!!!! This will most certainly go in my weekly roundup of links this week! So the coconut cream was placed on top and decorated with cacao nibs. I made a raw rhubarb cheesecake this past summer with a pecan/date crust and while it was absolutely delicious, it was SUCH a pain to try to get out of the pan and onto a plate. This recipe looks ahmazing (because, duh, chocolate), and I’m excited to use your tricks elsewhere as well. I hope motherhood is treating you well and I agree – let’s balance the naughtiness of the chocolate with a perfect baby carrot ;) Kimberly Reply Whoa Angela, you’ve outdone yourself with this one. It all fits in with the high gear nursing hunger you’ve got :) I will wait to try it for that. ) at 24 weeks since the fast growth is so uncomfy that one shirks from drinking an extra glass of water. Will have to reduce the liquids slightly to substitute melted dark choc for the cocoa powder since Belgians seem to regard powdered forms of chocolate as heresy–anyway, I have never found any in all of these years here. He is 10 months old, and I can’t remember the last time I had a truly decadant and beautiful dessert like this because it is so hard to have one without one of those food groups! Though my coconut milk didn’t separate properly for the cream, but it still worked just like pouring cream instead. For the chocolate bars, do you mean actually chocolate candy bars with sugar or some aort of unsweetened cooking chocolate? Everything has turned out to be so easy to prepare and delicious!! I think I’m going to make a batch in a square pan and cut for quick treats for chocolate cravings.

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Just remembered, the pumpkin oatmeal anytime squares were a huge hit. I personally found it a bit too rich, but everyone else loved it.I used Green & Black’s Dark 85% chocolate and it was super rich. The swirls turned out gorgeous, I received a lot of compliments on both the taste and presentation of this tart.The freezer paper/Saran Wrap combo made the tart easy to lift from the dish as well.Thanks so much for sharing this : D Reply Amazing recipe, thanks so much!!The filling was perfect after 2-3 hours in the freezer, but then I left in in the freezer overnight and it turned out incredibly hard and it wouldn’t soften at all.

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