New automobile tire dating

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Of these, none had so great an impact on the invention of the tire than John Dunlop and Charles Goodyear.

According to the latest statistics, consumers purchased nearly 80 million cars between 19.

As such, it must be understood as a response to the aesthetics and practices of Abstract Expressionism, the movement then dominating the New York art world.

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The black tire tread mark wavers slightly, but is kept within the narrow confines of the paper.The pneumatic (inflatable) rubber tires that are featured on millions of cars across the world are the result of multiple inventors working across several decades.And those inventors have names that should be recognizable to anyone who's ever bought tires for their car: Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop.It took another seven years for someone to make the leap.André Michelin and his brother Edouard, who had previously patented a removable bike tire, were the first to use pneumatic tires on an automobile. It wasn't until Philip Strauss invented the combination tire and air-filled inner tube in 1911 that pneumatic tires could be used on automobiles with success.

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