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Called her bluff when I told her that my friend who works at the Russian Embassy in Moscow stated no travel agent could issue a visa to the US. First Reported: Tom Email: wait [email protected]: 430027, Komsomolskaya 2-78 Details: Met through She tells you that she has discussed with her mother and to come visit. First Reported: Charles Second Reported: Seymour Third Reported: Erik Fourth Reported: Geoffrey Fifth Reported: Tom Contacted me through american singles and gave a yahoo email address. Home | Anti-scam manual | Background checks | Agencies check-list | Message board | Report a scam | Join our program Copyright 2002 - 2015 All rights reserved.

She asked for only 0 application fee, but it had to be sent right away. This person is using a fake identity and pictures of someone else to try to start up a scam with me.

Most known Russian scams appear to be run by the same few groups of Russian scammers using different names and photos.

Photos used in a Russian scam do not necessarily belong to the Russian scammer, and may be simply downloaded from the Internet. First reported: Seymoure Second reported: Michael Phone: no phone Address: Nina Gorbunova, 100-25 lenin street, Samara, Russia, 443030 Details: Then asks for money for ticket and visa to visit you to be sent via Western Union.

Now you have an opportunity to be on the list for the next meeting. You surf the Fast Dating website to learn all about it. You register for an event on our Web site, by sending the e-mail message to [email protected] start writing and want write every day with me. First reported: Frank Address: Kommunarov 36/25, Starobelsk, Luhansk, Ukraine Details: I don't want to tell my story because it is painful but I want say to guys be careful, but what she wrote to me are the following: "hello my honey thank you for your reply to me, for your another letter, thank you! Cheboksary 428000, Charles-Marx's Street 56-92 or 66-92. First Reported: Aaron Address: , Aleksandra Nevskogo str., 43/2 kv 83, Odessa, Ukraine Home Phone: 380482423822 Cell Phone: 380674840223 Email: [email protected]: Asks for money, is not serious about a relationship, and may be married even though she says she is single. if she turns in her ticket and goes back to her parents she loses 20%... It's three weeks later and I haven't heard from her again. She took her profile off Elena's and I did a Google image search on her picture in the red dress and she popped up on a bunch of other dating sites leaving posts as recent as yesterday searching for more victims I can only assume.First Reported: Steve Email: [email protected]: Russia, Krasnoyarsk,66095, Kommunal'naya 4 Details: Started out nice, but then she supposedly lost her position due to fire in the pharmacy she worked at. I plan on reporting this as well to western union, US embassy, and other agencies as well to make sure this doesn't happen to others.The Travel Agents Name is Alexander Fedorets E-mail address: [email protected]: It is typical scam, sad story about life, falls in love quickly and wants to visit, and get married. I am currently still in contact with this person to see how far they will go. she has been in town two days since she found out.. I am still getting emails even though i said to her that i have read up on scamming.

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