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Then we changed to Click and Buy, which worked relatively smooth for 16 months ,after we were being told today that due to a new company status they cannot charge DVDs for USA and some other countries.We are trying to find another solution for our US customers now. There are so many stupid people out there who use the internet to steal, lie and don't honor other peoples work. july 1, 2006 Here is a snapshot from june 3rd during the 13th national rally of the HOG (Harley Owners Group)chapters of Prague.november 16, 2005 I had offered my blue spandex bikini in july on ebay but because I had mentioned my website in the item descripion, the auction was closed. june 16th, 2005 Last week I have been on a bike tour through corsica with a bunch of harley friends.Expected a relaxing tour but it was not easy for me to to handle the bike through all the canyons and over all these mountains.

The fact that she has other busty friends pop by, like Brooke Little, to compare big boobs with just makes this all the better!

If we will find the time we will try to offer the old clips in higher quality. I am sure I will find the time to work for my friends at then ... jun 8th, 2014fakes Just want to mention again that all Facebook- and Twitter- and other social media accounts using my name are illegal. And for december I have a 3 girls- photo and video package for you!!

feb 15, 2011 For our caribbean phototour in march we are still searching busty models who want to come with us! Please send photos and informations very soon to [email protected] 10, 2010 High Resolution photos!

Unfortunately I find less and less time to model for this site and now I realize that it is not fair to offer just one or 2 photosets per month for my members who have supported me and my work for such a long time. S.: All Instagram-, Twitter-, Facebook-, whatever �socialmedia� pages that use my name, are fake. nov 22, 2016 I enjoyed very much to work with Hitomi again and her beautiful friend Anri Okita. nov 6, 2014 It was such a nice experience to work with Hitomi from Japan in october.

I know some of you support me since 2004 when I started this site. She gave me lots of energy again and I think I will try to continue my website as long as possible.

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