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What this amounts to is the phone will be laggy at times when switching screens, taking photo's, playing games (many games probably won't even run), and doing other tasks, whereas if they used the Snapdragon 415 it would be snappy and quick.They could also have promoted it as a 64-bit phone, something which is great for marketing now, and in 6 months when Android and other phones are making use of 64-bit processors they aren't left out.Id stick with odd numbers (no reason) 540 -cheap740 – medium940 – flagship1140 – cheap large1340 – medium large1540 – flagship large Something like that seems manageable This idea that Nokia/MS has too many models is overblown IMO.Take a look at the staggering number of handset models Samsung sells worldwide, is that hurting them?

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Dual SIM LTE will fix my issue of having both a work and personal phone.

A 0 phone, with the exact specs of the Lumia 640 but with a Snapdragon 415 processor, would have been a real winner. 9 for that would have been respectable, with the Snapdragon 415 processor.

The current phone with the 'ancient' Snapdragon 400 processor, well, they may show some success at 0 with the other features, but not 9. Microsoft- no brand recognition when it comes to phones- as a platform, Windows Phone is hardly desirable by most people- as far as apps go, it is the most limited platform out of i OS, Android, and Windows- Snapchat app, and other key apps, simply aren't available on Windows Phones They desperately need to attract people to the Windows Phone platform.

ecs_and_price_tag_make_the_rounds-news-11276If the specs are right, and the price 0-0, this is finally a better option than the Moto G, I think? Hope MS clean up the collection a bit, right now it'll look like this in 12 months.

440 – cheapest small crap540 – cheapest larger crap1340 – cheap largest crap640 – cheap larger ok740 – cheapish larger good840 – "affordable" larger better940 – expensive larger best1040 – expensive larger incredible1540 – expensive largest best Only my 2 cents but to many choices is bad, confusing for consumers.

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