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As the team found a way back to the present, Johnson refused to return due to her fear to cause the apocalypse, only to be forced to return by Coulson. Passing Skye, he called to her, but she did not respond."It's all connected, everything.

Continuing fighting the Watchdogs and their leader Anton Ivanov, Johnson discovered that her S. Only when Leo Fitz arrived to the place she was freed, but with a device that inactivated her powers. After he gave it, Coulson had him handcuffed to be put in federal custody.

Growing up an orphan, she adopted the name Skye and worked for the Rising Tide, putting her on S. When Coulson and Fitz returned, they brought an injured Triplett.

Johnson, a doctor working in China, and Jiaying, but was taken away when her mother was seemingly killed by HYDRA. Skye hacked the satellites aboard the Bus and the search for the city began.

You would say that's proof that I can't do the job, that I shouldn't lead. Raina discovered that Daniel Whitehall was in possession of the Diviner and told Skye that she could touch it without being killed.

He decided that he wanted Skye on the team that would protect her, instead of the team he was leading to find the city. When the extraction team reached Vancouver, Skye retrieved Raina and Billy Koenig from their safe house and escorted them to the rendezvous point.

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As the team was working to prevent the Destruction of Earth, Johnson's Inhuman Control Device was painfully removed by Fitz. Ward has information about my father who just happens to have the alien buzz kill device which is connected to the writing which is related to the GH serum that is in our blood, like we're pieces to a puzzle." Unable to sleep, Skye caught Coulson carving the symbols and confided in him that she was troubled by the connection that everything had.

She researched the names that Coulson gave her and learned that only two former Project T. During the ride, Skye revealed to Mack what was happening.

to find the dangerous Darkhold before Lucy Bauer would use it. She was stationed as Coulson's anchor to the real world as he recalled the past. Jemma Simmons freed Skye and she and Mack went to intercept Coulson in the SUV.

Johnson was quickly trapped by the ruler of the Lighthouse, Kasius, and was forced to participate in the sale of Inhumans, because of the belief she was the one who had destroyed the planet. Skye returned to the cell and begged Ward for all the information he had on her father.

Johnson stopped Aida from using her for her ultimate goal However, soon after their victory, the team was sent to the year 2091, when Earth had been destroyed and the surviving humans were enslaved by the Kree. Johnson saved Earth after she killed Glenn Talbot and later followed Mackenzie as S. He told her that he was upset that the symbols are incomprehensible to him; she revealed that she believes that they are a map."Thank you for telling me everything you know. As Skye was having an emotional breakdown, Coulson reactivated the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier, telling Skye to stay on point.

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