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There are apps for gays, straights, Jews, Christians, Muslims and seniors. Some are “freemium,” meaning the basics are free, but users are charged for certain features.

Some use your taste in music to hook you up with people, while others are simply about gettin’ down and, well, laid. Pilotimad, Derek and Big Z are all Ottawa-area members of SAM, a locally created singles app that in the five years since it started has attracted close to five million lonely — or randy — hearts worldwide.

The business remains Australia’s largest online dating business.

Fees are charged at the time when you request the dating firms to set up a personal visit with the partner you have selected and interacted online.

The best internet dating sites give you a lot of facilities like VISA support, various sorts of translation and travel packages for their clients.

Dating apps and websites are like boxes of chocolates: you never know quite what you’re going to get, but the aim of each is the same: to make you happy — while also making money for the site/app developer.

Success is difficult to measure, though, because people will leave an app or site when (a) they’ve found that special someone with whom to enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset; or (b) they haven’t, and give up on whichever service hasn’t worked for them to try another, perhaps, or join a monastery.

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