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Below the level of limestone and 450 feet below sea level is volcanic rock; and below that, only black lava and other igneous volcanic rock. Most visitors' maps portray Bermuda, wrongly, as only one island. The largest by far is Great Bermuda or Main Island, neither of which phrase is used locally.

Only in one place in Bermuda - 60 feet below sea level at the southern end of Bermuda International Airport -is volcanic rock found so near to sea level. It has 6 principal islands or former islands and 120 others for practical purposes (138 in total, including mere rocks) in its total land area of under 21 square miles (33 square kilometers). It is a mile wide on average, 14 miles long, 259 feet above sea level at its highest point, with hills and fertile depressions.

Dr Martin lived on Gunpowder Island, also known as Agars Island from the 1990s. cottage, a boathouse, and a former military barracks that can double as a conference centre.

Private Island Online, a Canadian website, described the island, in the azure waters of Great Sound, Bermuda as a 7.5-acre property that once served as secret chambers for military explosives in the late 19th century. There is also a three-bedroom dock house, a 2,060-square-foot one-bedroom cottage, a boathouse, and a former military barracks that can double as a conference centre.

They 0.504 acre Goose Island and 1.062 acre Bird Island.

Both islands are within close proximity to the Point Shares and Fairylands neighborhoods.

It is called Gunpowder Island in the publication, and in a related article in the online The Daily Telegraph, it is described as a lovely Caribbean island.

The British newspaper article states, under the headline 10 unusual islands for sale - This lovely Caribbean island owes its slightly alarming name to the fact it was used as a secret storehouse for military explosives in the 19th century.

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British-born Dr Martin, who died while in Bermuda last June, established several IT consultancy firms and co-founded Database Design Inc.Once, it was owned and run by the British military as part of the string of then-strategic islands that stretched from the Dockyard to Hamilton, In 1870, the British Army, in conjunction with the Royal Navy, worried about the vulnerability of its stores of weaponry at Ordnance Island in St.George's and its ring of forts and their munitions stores around Bermuda, built a secret underground powder magazine on this island.Ideal weekend retreats, they are zoned to preserve the environment and natural habitat.Thus development of any significant nature isn't permissible.

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