Online dating ireland review

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Last year, 1 in 16 Irish people who were surveyed by the Oxford Internet Instituted said that they began their relationship online. There’s just one question – why is no one talking about this?

Why is online dating still being viewed as something we should NEVER admit to engaging in?

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She met Sharon from for two hours to discuss her likes and dislikes and she assumed that the same thing happened with the men.

Paula flagged the fact that she didn’t want to meet anyone who smoked, for example.

But: Paula had previously tried the likes of Plenty of Fish (a free online dating site), where she did meet men, but found that, having got so far with some of them – the married ones aside – they could then only be contacted during certain hours, or else didn’t want to go anywhere at all.

And then there were the younger men seeking mature women because "they know what they want".

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