Online dating making contact

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He won’t be able to rest on his laurels that long given your radical rejection of his never initiating. That is right he will because there are a million women all over the place so yeah he can certainly find another one if he so chooses.The thing is, he was already looking if he was never bothering to contact you.

I have to say that the very fact that you he isn’t contacting you is a bad sign for your relationship.Because it is a job that once you get it, you will never get fired from the position.In fact, in order to get out of the job of calling and texting him you will have to vanish yourself out of the relationship altogether.The thing is, that you can’t compete with all the women of the world and chasing after a man with a desperate or needy text message isn’t going to do you any good.Radically reject contacting him like you were before. If he leaves you then of course will be bummed but he was already in that gone position the only difference is that you are now waking up to seeing it. Become totally erratic and unpredictable about ever contacting him.

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