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Some people might not even realise they have or had a PPI policy. You can find out by asking your mortgage provider , loan provider or credit card or store card provider if you have PPI (or had one in the past ) 1) If you took out a PPI policy since July 2007 you should have been contacted by the bank that sold it to you during 2014 .

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ترتيب الطلاب كان في المدرسة من الصف الأول إلى الرابع وكل صف يجلس على سرب من المقاعد حيث كانوا يتعلمون جميعا داخل تلك الغرفة.تبلغ مساحة قرية جلجولية اليوم ما يقارب 1900 دونما: 1000 دونما مساحة بناء, 900 دونما زراعه.ويبلغ عدد السكان 8600 نسمه,22% موظفين ومعلمين ,30% أصحاب حرف 20% عمال 6% مزارعين 6%, 22 % عاطلين عن العمل.Original Artice From 2014 – Updated in 2017 to take account of legislation changes.The issue of mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) was very widespread in the UK and it looks like the banks also tried to make easy profits from it here in Ireland.

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