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Funny enough even though I'm born and raised in California I've never been to San Francisco, the closest I've been is Monterey Bay which is a couple hours south.

Should I ever make it up to San Francisco I'm going to have to wear some of these while I'm there!

Today I have the OPI San Francisco Collection for Fall to share with you!

This year OPI has given us a super sized collection that includes 6 cremes, 6 shimmers, and 3 liquid sand polishes.

As an undergraduate at Duke University, I was something of a campus unicorn.

I was anything but quiet about my sexuality and my gender identity.

I struggled to affirm your femininity because I was acting from a place of personal shame. As femme gay men, gender-nonconforming people, and trans folks, we too deserve better than to be caricatured by Hollywood.I walked out at the end in a shambles, a veritable genderqueer mess.For over a decade, the unspoken rule of gay cinema and television has been that gay men can be sexy protagonists — as long as they are masculine gay men.Take “Will & Grace”: Will Truman is acceptable in part because he is not Jack Mc Farland.Or “Queer as Folk”: Brian Kinney is acceptable in part because he is not Emmett Honeycutt.

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