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But translating their efforts to the real world, where any number of factors could confound the process is a much more difficult challenge.

That’s exactly what these two teams of researchers have done.

Quantum teleportation over long distances has actually been accomplished before — in 2012, a team of researchers from Austria between two of the Canary Islands using lasers.One of the largest hurdles for both teams to overcome was the tendency of fiber optic cables to stretch and compress due to temperature changes.While this doesn’t matter for regular telecommunications, for quantum communication, the photons that are sent must arrive at precisely the same time.Empowered: The dancer from Calgary has been the victim of horrific online abuse and slut shaming since the video was posted, but her male friends have barely been questioned over their part in the threesome Ms Frulling's identity leaked shortly afterwards when people matched up pictures and clothing on other social media sites and she received a barrage of abuse from across the globe, with many branding her a 'slut'.As sex in a public space falls under indecent exposure, both the threesome itself and the filming and posting of the video is under investigation, Calgary police spokesman Kevin Brookwell told the Calgary Herald.

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