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writer-director Jordan Peele has won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay providing the evening with a landmark - he is the first black screenwriter to ever win the award.The category was one of the ceremony's most hotly-contested with the horror satire beating out the likes of to scoop the trophy.He slips on water dripping from his coat and falls over, knocking himself out.Richard awakens to find the rotunda art melting, which washes over him and the library, turning them into illustrations.He is met by the Pagemaster, the mythical Keeper of Books and Guardian of the Written Word.Richard asks for directions to the exit so the Pagemaster sends him through the fiction section toward the green neon exit sign.

The theme songs to the movie are "Dream Away", sung by Babyface and Lisa Stansfield, and "Whatever You Imagine", sung by Wendy Moten.

Many of the cast members have had roles in the Star Trek franchise: Patrick Stewart played Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Whoopi Goldberg played Guinan, Leonard Nimoy played Mr.

Spock, Christopher Lloyd played Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Ed Begley, Jr.

Together, the quartet encounters classic-fictional characters. Richard and Adventure are picked up by the Hispaniola, captained by Long John Silver.

The pirates go to Treasure Island, but find no treasure except for one gold coin, nearly causing a mutiny. Silver attempts to convince Richard to leave with him, but surrenders when Richard threatens him with a sword.

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