Pc shield delux is not updating

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Sometime later I received a call from a service wanting to "help" me sell my car... Now mind you I have already paid to place an ad on AT.I received about 8 more inquiries within the next 8 hours, emails from soldiers wanting to buy a gift for their family member, "can't talk, in a combat zone", "must make purchase immediately", etc. In 2 days I have received 28 inquiries, all have been scams.I'm going to upgrade to Windows 10 anyway so I'm wondering whether to ignore it and go ahead with the upgrade? I updated all the apps on my PC but the factory installed app "Hearts Deluxe" will not update. Since this app is installed with windows I can't reinstall. For example, they were all asking if the car had a high safety rating and good gas mileage. Anyway, we googled the emails and found out they were scam mails.

Keep in mind, I was upgraded for free to the VIP listing for a month or two, since I had complained about their website so many times.interestingly the vehicle is a hot seller and it has less than 36K miles. don't buy into this nonsense because the effort apparently is geared to get the consumer into the dealers' office primarily to trade your vehicle. I reported this to Auto Trader's fraud group and was sent a generic e-mail telling me about potential fraudulent practices and another advising me that they would look into it immediately! A few days later go to search for my ad - it can't be found. Email them 3 times to get help - never a reply over two weeks. What a waste of time for buyers to scroll the thousands of cars advertised. Wasted time setting up, wasted money, wasted time complaining like this, but hopefully it will help someone else. Attempts to get help from online resources and live did not generate results. I submit my Automobile on Autotrader's, I received no real interest about the Auto or any authentic possible buyers at all!If they can con you into believing that your vehicle is faulty... use a scheme to buy it from you at a low-ball price. In the next 24 hours I received a similar contact with a very similar story - stationed on a military base - could only pay me using Pay Pal - etc., etc., etc. Received a text from 5027710345 and person never called, said they would pay full price and were just out surgery. Took forever between replies even if my reply to text was instant. The car was only asking price of 00 and they sent check for 60.00. However, I did use the Kelley Blue Book feature and because I had the Auto, Detailed, New tires, state inspected and the car was beautiful.Bought the car about a month before Christmas, sent emails to the bookkeeper that the car was having trouble starting and the tire pressure light was back on (on when I gave deposit on the car) Never got a reply. Was told He would get me a battery wholesale and it was over a few weeks. Said I would have to leave it for a few days when his mechanic was in. Once again I forwarded the e-mail to Auto Trader and once again received the same cautionary e-mail from their fraud department and the advise - they would look into this immediately. I’ve been in car repair business and transport for 25yrs. No one pays a seller the shipper’s money, the shipper gets paid upon delivery or prior to picking car up by purchaser. The dealer gave me exactly what Kelley Blue Book quoted and it was what I was selling it for.Called the owner Jan 2 allowing for the Xmas and new year holiday. I responded by telling them that if the only contacts I was going to receive were fraudulent in nature that I wanted to terminate my ad and get a refund... I have not had ONE legitimate contact from the ad I placed and now I can't get refund - partial or complete. It only costs 3.00 to transport Phoenix to I’m guessing Louisville, Kentucky by area code. So, to that note it all worked out and was sold in 2 weeks!

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