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Egypt's 1st Dynasty saw the emergence of a unified land stretching from the Delta to the first cataract at Aswan, a distance of over one thousand kilometers along the Nile Valley.

The memorable years which gave Egyptologists their first glimpse of the predynastic period also brought them face to face for the first time with the earliest dynasties, which commenced areound 3,000 BC. Amelineau, a Coptic scholar with no previous experience of excavating.

The highly successful results of his work were made accessible very quickly in several memoirs published by the Egypt Exploration Fund.

Griffith in England and Sethe in Germany were among the first to recognized that they were in the presence of the remains of Manetho's 1st and 2nd Dynasties.

An epoch-making article by Sethe (1897) drew special attention to the facts that in some cases the Horus-name of the king was accompanied by another introduced by the title 'King of Upper and Lower Egypt' or by this followed by the Two-Ladies title.

It is desirable, therefore, here to provide some account of some excavations prior to Petrie's decisive discoveries at Abydos, In 1897 Petrie's partner J. Quibell had been digging at El-Kab, an important site on the east bank some distance to the north of Edfu.

Here the local goddess was the vulture Nekhbet who shared with the cobra Wadjet of Buto in the Delta the honor of providing the Pharaoh with his Two-Ladies title.

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