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There are three reasons to be aware of your DNS servers.First, is that changing the DNS servers in a router is a common attack and without the websites listed below, it could be a very long time before this malicious change was detected.Then too, if you have a preferred set of DNS servers (perhaps Open DNS or Quad9) the router you are connected to may ignore this preference and force you to use its DNS servers.I blogged about this in March 2018 (Some routers can force their DNS servers onto all devices).While working a DNS spoofability test, Gibson accidentally discovered that he crashed some routers just by sending them legit DNS requests.

In May 2017, Trend Micro made a great point, that I had not previously considered.If the port is closed, Windows will complain that it "could not open connection to the host on port 80: connect failed".If the port is open, the responses vary, you may just see a blank screen.To test your router, it needs to be connected to a dumb modem.If, however, you have connected a router to a gateway device (combination modem, router and perhaps even telephone adapter) from your ISP, you may be testing the firewall in the gateway device rather than your router.

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