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Automatically Refresh Data when Opening Your Workbook 36. This option is more useful for connections to external data sources as pivot tables with any data you can fit into Excel should be pretty responsive. This is generally only useful if your table is connected to a very large data source and you need to make many changes to the layout. You can defer updating the pivot table while you make changes in the Pivot Table Fields window. You can quickly deselect all and then manually select a small number of items or quickly select all and manually deselect a small number of items.

Download the example file with the data used in this post to follow along. You can select multiple non-adjacent field items by holding the key while making your selection. Change the Default Arrangement of the Pivot Table Fields Window 8. Move, Resize and Close the Pivot Table Fields Window 10. Turn Off Show Details to Avoid Accidental Double Click 14. Unfortunately, this can’t be done, since “Total” already exists in the source data. Remove Items from a Filter Using a Keyboard Shortcut 17. One thing you may want to do is change a column heading like our “Total” column that appears as “Sum of Total” to just show “Total” in the pivot table. We can change the settings to display something such as a zero or some text saying “N/A” instead of a blank. For example, there is no data for Arthur James and France so the intersection of the Arthur James row and France column is blank.

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