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Head towards the Rectory Cafe for a cozy brunch in this historical house. *** Walk in the Park: Take a beautiful walk through Sherwood Forest amongst the tall trees or wander through Evergreen Brick Works and you’d be amazed that you’re still in the city.

*** Stroll through the Distillery District’s galleries and shops.

Stroll through the zoogeographic regions — take a break on the benches by the orangutans — pet the manatees, visit with the kangaroos, and swoon over the baby polar bear. Bundle up and ice-skate outside city hall at Nathan Phillips Square before heading indoors for a warm beverage, perhaps at The Drake Hotel of Ceili Cottage: both bars have year-round patios, complete with bonfires and roasted marshmallows.

(Ceili Cottage has an ice rink of its own in colder months.) When you were a kid, game night, bowling and ping-pong were all viable options when it came to entertainment.

Are you planning a winter date night in Toronto and need some help?

No worries, we’ve got you covered on winter date ideas for you and your sweetheart. It’s somewhere where two people can get lost in each others’ eyes and not be distracted by their surroundings.

We think this will be something pretty special and will make us emerge from our cocoons and into the warm glow of night lights. This free public exhibition dots the shoreline with art over the lifeguard tower and somehow makes winter more appealing and absolutely stunning.

Revisiting the classics — When was the last time you played Guess Who? (It’s also a great double-date spot, as four-player games are often the most fun.) The Ballroom is a one-stop date spot: bowling, dinner and drinks in one.

One of Toronto’s best first-date options is its world-class zoo.

The 710-acre Toronto Zoo is home to over 491 species.

Ditch the car and take the subway (or bus or streetcar) to your destination of choice.

Take your pick.) Parking, especially on a Friday night, is an expensive hassle in downtown Toronto.

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