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just on Xbox has onslaught, the ONLY mode what it has bots, but on PC there is not any not even the onslaught gamemode, there is DM, RUSH, CONQUEST, SQDM, SQRUSH gamemodes. THE PROJECT NOT CONTAINING *ANY* OF THE ORIGINAL CODE FROM THE GAME!!! WHAT IS MIMIC THE SERVER CODE, AND MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO PLAY OFFLINE, IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL TO USE THIS CODE!Credit goes to the original programmer of this code! Today I decided I wanted to play Bad Company 2 on my PC. Is it truly dead, or is something wrong with my game/connection? though ill admit, when you get into the wee hours of the morning it dies out considerably, though it did this even before BF3, at least for me, at least on Ps3. I expected Battlefield 3 to take many of the players, but not kill off BC2s MP all together.They released a 2.4GB patch, but my updater didn't install it, so no servers were visible.

NO bots and as the things stated, wont will be soon...

(THE ZAPETH, and all other who made the dedicated server from scratch) For how to install this, and setup client check the tutorial under the "files" section here in sourceforge page!

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Each map brings a new gameplay experience and fresh visuals, with characteristics such as foxholes, tunnels and dense jungles from where the enemy can launch surprise attacks.

Also, 15 classic Vietnam-era weapons and 6 vehicles are available from the moment you go online.

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